August 18, 2016

Love in a Disabled Toilet (2015)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Synopsis: Dana is having a terrible night... and that's before she gets stuck in a nightclub disabled toilet with the guy who broke her heart and his new girlfriend.

Director: Ruben Pracas
Producers: Jess Black and Miley Tunnecliffe
Writer: Miley Tunnecliffe

Starring: Miley Tunnecliffe, Liam Graham, Claudia Cirillo, Holly Jones, Brian Dennison and Russell Lambe

Director of Photography: George Davis
Production Designer: Alana Starcevich
Editor: Jess Black
Sound Designer: Blake Savage
Music Composer: Ruben Pracas and Blake Savage

World Premiere
Portland Film Festival 2015

Official Selection
CinefestOz Film Festival 2015
Portland Film Festival 2015
Revelation Perth International Film Festival 2015
Heart of Gold Film Festival 2015