August 18, 2016

Bye Bye Lulu (2015)

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Synopsis: When her brother's beloved dog dies in her care, Greta, a desperate pet-sitter, must take on the big city to get the body to the vet before they close.

Director: Ryan Svirac
Producers: Jess Black and Miley Tunnecliffe
Writer: Miley Tunnecliffe

Starring: Miley Tunnecliffe, Cameron Leese and Gavan Ellis

Director of Photography: Ruben Pracas
Production Designer: Alana Starcevich
Editor: Jess Black
Sound Designer: Black Savage
Music Composer: Ryan Svirac

World Premiere
CinefestOz Film Festival 2015

Official Selection
CinefestOz Film Festival 2015
Heart of Gold Film Festival 2015