Calling (2018)

A modern comedy chronicling the dysfunctional relationship between a mother and daughter entirely through their phone calls.

Mother Daughter Time (2018)

A soon to be incarcerated single mum takes her contemptuous teenage daughter on one last family road trip.

Kevin & Kevin (2017)

When Kevin is left in charge at the family-owned Reptile Park everything that can go wrong does and he is left to rescue an escaped tiger snake before his dad returns and Miss Morgan’s fifth graders arrive for their school excursion.

Lols & Luis (2016)

In the wake of his father’s death, a chance meeting with the love of his life sends a man who has lost everything in search of what could have been.

The Hunt (2016)

An absentee son attempts to reconnect with his father by taking him hunting for a beast no one believes exists.

Barnesy’s Numbers (2016)

A lost lottery ticket and 20 million reasons to get it back.

Love in a Disabled Toilet (2015)

Dana is having a terrible night… and that’s before she gets stuck in a nightclub disabled toilet with the guy who broke her heart and his new girlfriend.

Bye Bye Lulu (2015)

When her brother’s beloved dog dies in her care, Greta, a desperate pet-sitter, must take on the big city to get the body to the vet before they close.

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